Saturday, October 16, 2010

craft time!

when i go to flea markets, i go to my favorite vendors with the "5 for a dollar" kind of jewelry. i stock up on little treasures no one wants because they are broken or dirty and i turn them into things that can be loved again.

I had found a bronze piece with an "A" on it and saved it to make something for my friend Adeline. I later found a tiger stone pin that used to have something glued onto it but throughout the course of its hard life, whatever that thing was has been lost. Adeline's favorite stone is tiger so I married the two to each other and am quite satisfied with the result.

 I originally wanted to attach the "A" piece to a necklace or zipper pull or something but I liked the contrast on the stone. Also, I took some black thread and wound it to the top to make it look like it had been attached then ripped off of something (I'm into little details..)

 I glued the "A" and reinforced the backing with my favorite craft glue, "SOBO" which is pictured below along with my assistant, Fievel. I use this glue for everything... paper, wood, fabric, leather, fur, etc. It dries clear like its invisible! I discovered it when I was in a set design class and had to make set models out of paper and foam board.

I'm going to give her the pin tonight. Hope she likes it!

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