Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bacon scarf....!

a genius artist from California named Christine Chun made this woolen BACON SCARF.

Christine has thought of other, cheaper ways to make these scarves like knitting or painting but finds her hand felting technique is more realistic looking. It takes about a whole weekend to finish one scarf! I  appreciate her hands-on bacon scarf process because when you spend that much time on a project... it becomes special and more meaningful. Theres a lot of art and soul that goes into the one item.

"I’ve considered adding some kind of artificial bacon smell to make the scarf even more realistic but I understand that’s a little gross.”

-i love her.

She makes other beautiful felted scarves as well which you can buy on etsy. Bacon scarf runs for $120, other scarves range from $25-$45.
I like this one:

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