Saturday, December 11, 2010

gypsyhawk patches

So you're in a band.. you go on tours, play local shows, you've got some records and cool shirts to sell.
Problem: you keep selling all the smalls and XL's and get stuck an excess of size large.
Solution: get smart like Gypsyhawk and hire me to turn them into band patches!

I take the excess of shirts:

Cut out the logo then back it with some interfacing for support/strength:

I find that my rotary cutter gets the job done much faster with more precision than scissors. Just remember to use a ruler :)

Next I stitch the edges to lock everything in and trim the edges.


Viola!! Your $10 non-salable/waste of space shirt just turned into a hot $8 patch (or your hot $10 patch?? you name the price..I won't judge)

Bands will just cut up the t-shirt and sell it like that but with my interfacing touch, its going to last way longer and look better. I use a lightweight interfacing that still gives the knit some movement but isn't too floppy or hard to work with.  Interfacing also gives support, so you can wear it through rain/shine/snow/fire/lightning and its going to last way longer than if it were bare backed.

You can sew it onto your favorite jacket, tote bag, backpack, sleeping bag, whatever. Sport it.

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